Workflow automation for Educators

Automate 50% of your e-learning operation.

Our Product

2X resource efficient way to run


Our customers run their e-learning operation end-to-end, all the way from Sales, Student Enrolments to Course management  from The Hub. It comes with pre-built automations that increases productivity by 5X.


AI enabled learning content writer. Reduces up to 40% of time to develop a course. We leverage the contextual knowledge of The Hub to fine tune your AI instance achieving best in industry generative outputs.


No-Code tool that leverages Gen AI & drag and drop interface, allowing you to Build-Your-Own workflows & Build-Your-Own MicroApps. 

Tried & Tested

We spent 18+ months perfecting the tech.

Take control of your digital transformation.

5X productivity

We brought the best in class tech to empower every last member of the team with Data & AI enabled tools.

100% visibility & data sharing

We managed to remove all operational silos helping bring teams closer towards the company's vision, while removing bottlenecks in decision making.

50% automation

Every non-core, mundane tasks were expedited to Culvii, helping bring focus on core tasks like improving the learning experience, the quality of course content—Things that matter.

$50k+ savings

Our customers always finish with more in the bank. Culvii's successfully enabled automations across the board helping save costs on productivity & tools.

Our Client's Testimonials

── "It was exciting as an organisation to hear what was possible. With Culvii, it is like having an additional employee across all of the departments. Culvii made us think bigger than just our roles, where would we like to see technology take us to? If technology had the ability to solve 50% of our issues where could we as an organisation best utilise that time and what could we achieve."

    Michael Armstrong
    Michael Armstrong

    Head of Learning Platform, ICEPE



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    Our commitment is to give at least 2 FTE (Full time equivalent) in time spent back to e-learning operations with our end-to-end automations. We have a record of achieving multiples of 2 FTE so far. Our customers save money, spend more towards growth & improved learning experience—Everything that moves the needle for your business.

    Our journey

    Building future of e-learning with AI

    Culvii began when we were tasked to optimise a very siloed, manually run but socially important e-learning business. “The Hub” was built with intricate understanding of e-learning operations. We managed to 5X productivity, saving $50k+ in costs with the hub. Now, we are pushing the limits of our technology by leveraging the best AI models & industry leading data standards such as xAPI & SCORM. We are on a mission to empower e-learning operations with tailored, end-to-end automation.

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